Logistic Management

Trip Planning


Work order




Trip Planning

  • Improving fleet daily activities through route planning and dispatching.
  • Ability to choose points of interest and the platform will connect those points and creates the best route to drive.
  • Trip planning: Ability to select multiple destinations, and the best route will be automatically assigned to the designated drivers.
  • Trip Management: Ability to specify break time, and loading/offloading times at the multiple destinations, in order to properly monitor the trips.

Work order

  • Work order could be created for a trip by assigning the needed information, such as drivers, when to start the trip, ETA for each destination.
  • Work order can be dispatched to designated drivers through Garmin.
  • Alerts: Real time notifications when there is a delay on a destination, or if the driver went out of the route, or if the loading / offloading process took extra time.
  • Reports: Summary and comparison between the planned and the actual work orders, including: path, duration, waiting time, departure and arrival times.


  • Garmin device: a navigation tool that provides advance road guidance for the fleet drivers.
  • Traffic Jam Avoidance & Real Time Directions, so drivers will be able to execute their tasks effectively and accurately.
  • Two Way Communication.
  • The driver can accept as well as confirm the accomplishment of the mission.

Cargo Tracking

  • Tracking the location of assets in real-time
  • Delivering near-real-time alerts on trailer status, location, history, arrival/departure and load status
  • Helping significantly improve operational efficiency, fuel and maintenance costs as well as cargo security
  • Enhancing visibility into freight management operations, including load/ unload, pick-up and other key events
  • just-in-time delivery services and accurate ETAs
  • Advanced reporting on trailer loading, unloading, fied or mobile asset monitoring, logistics, cargo sensing, door and gate transactions, dwelling times, engine hours, mileage, asset utilization and more.

Real-time Tracking


Real Time Notifications and alerts


Improve operational efficiency


Increase visibility


Just-in-time delivery services and accurate ETAs


Report Management



Value Chain

  • Monitor Cold Chain Operations for Increased Profitability
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption and Fleet Operating Costs
  • Improve the Safety of Food and Pharmaceutical Transport
  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance
  • Integrate Easily Into Dispatch Systems
  • Reefer data
  • Cargo temperature (Return air temperature)
  • Setpoint temperature
  • Discharge air temperature
  • Evaporator coil temperature
  • Door status
  • Zone status (enabled/disabled)
  • Engine mode (diesel/electric)
  • Operation mode (continuous/cycle-sentry)
  • Total diesel and electric run hours

Shipment Tracking

Product-in-Transit : Shipment Tracking

Maintenance free solution


Increase visibility and insight


Real time tracking


Real time notifications and alerts

  • Maintenance free solution. No battery charging or replacement required
  • Track equipment in real time as they being transported
  • Know the status of the equipment (picked up, in transit, delivered). Get notified or alerted when an status changed
  • Special tags designed for metal equipment and harsh environment with adhesive or mechanical screws installation option (ATEX/IECEx certified)