Machinestalk Telematics Platform offers a complete and secure system for tracking military mobile assets. Platform support the following features:

Military Fleet Management

Location Management:

  • Real-time view of vehicles
  • View the historical locations by any date range
  • View step by step, activity by activity through the whole vehicle on the map
  • Display Safe / Restricted Zones, landmarks and routes
  • View clustered units on the traced route for easier display
  • Multiple icons to differentiate vehicle status on the MAP

Report management:

A array of reports provides management with precise tools for key decision making such as :

  • Safe/districted zones crossing in/out
  • Driver Behavior – violation summary
  • Performance report (Duration, distance, routes, checkpoints…)
  • Reserve Consumption (Weapons, fuel, water, food, medications..)
  • Vehicle history
  • Incident report (vehicle, location, time, date..)


Through the platform, the leaders can share certain destination to vehicles and design the optimal routes for each mission..

Equipment/ Vehicles life time:

Platform allow to organize preventive and repair maintenance information for Equipment/ Vehicles , and monitor in real time the vehicle’s performance.


Personal Tracking

Military Personal Tracking uses machinestalk’s real-time GPS tracker to track and guide soldiers through foreign locations at night, airplane, navigation, and more. The product provides information about soldier’s status such as soldiers who were missed or in dangerous situations. Furthermore, soldier can send SOS signal with real-time location in case he captured by enemies, so military is being able to send in special operations to save the soldier. Military Personal Tracking has many features for leaders, commander, and soldiers such as:

  • Our device is real mobile with voice call and sending SMS
  • Get alert in case Mandown or emergency situation
  • Rugged, Waterproof, and shock resistant device with digital compass
  • Real-time tracking using GSM and satellite communication
  • Two-way messaging support
  • SOS emergency button
  • User can share destination and use navigation service
  • Custom Geofences
  • Event Alerting via SMS or Email
  • Increase safety of person who is in dangerous region or situation.
  • Enhance personal safety when personnel are moving in and out of critical zones.
  • Reliable communication with personnel in remote area.

Asset Management

Machinestalk is a trusted Saudi solution provider for government in Saudi Arabia. Our Military Asset Tracking product provides full control of equipment, tools, documents, and Weapons through cellular, satellite and dual-mode devices. The solution is very critically for government entity to be able to accurately real-time track and manage fixed assets with the following features:

  • Tracking assets in real-time
  • Full visibility of all supply chain from source to destination
  • Using Smart Lock enable leaders to trace the history of the access trials to all locks even the failed tentative
  • Real time monitoring of the weapons reserve
  • Real time monitoring of food and medications temperature & water and fuels reserve
  • Real time monitoring of the water and fuels reserve
  • Solar panel with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and long battery life devices
  • Generate customized reports with real-time data
  • Event alert of speed, zone, idling, and motion violation via SMS or Email