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Access Control

Access control is an authorization module that is used to identify people and vehicles, therefore track their access to parking areas and predefined zones in the facility.

Detection System

Provides the ability to detect in REALTIME the occupancy of a parking bay.

The system provides real time accurate information on occupancy levels of the parking lot.

Guidance System

Drivers are informed about parking space availability and can be routed accordingly to available spaces and their types: VIP, Staff, Visitor and Special Needs.

  • Search for parking spaces based on point of interest or preferences
  • Receive voice guidance to a parking space
  • Make payments using a mobile phone

Payment and Booking

Payment and Booking System is the complementary module of the complete Smart Parking Management Platform where it is used to facilitate and monitor the commerical traffic.

Payment and booking system provides variety of payment either through a recurring billing system based on (currency, points, etc) or direct integration to online payment system.