An Intelligent Body Temperature Detection and Analysis SystemOur Thermal Solution is based on the “face recognition + infrared / visible dual-sensor system” powered a deep learning AI platform Brain++.Through dual-light fusion technology, our solution is capable to bundle and standardize the infrared temperature measurement results with the face snapshot, automatically generating alarm when people have high temperature. Our solution proprietary light-weight, low power consumption, high performance CNN algorithm model – Shuffle Net has the capability to empower high accuracy AI algorithm model.The solution can be deployed in a very short period of time at public places, measuring temperature screening in a non-contact manner through our AI technology.


We have developed this solution with an easy-installed hidden state of art (OBD) device, that offers essential features, asset management, and CRM solution beyond asset tracking.

Our solution can be applied in any method of transportation exists for leasing in the highly modern scalable world of today.