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is a car sharing platform that enables complete control & access to your fleet of vehicles. It covers a wide range of options to facilitate the user experience of a seamless carsharing technology. From unlocking and starting the vehicles, to locating and tracking their movement.

Why Car Sharing

The solution is consisting of platform, Connectivity, and mobile application to manage booking, trip and show availability of cars for any user. Car sharing solution is integrable with any system exist such as SAP, which aims to reach a fully automated process, giving the edge to optimize the fleet usage.


Car sharing modules enable complete control of the fleet and a wide range of options to facilitate the users’ convenience. All via one platform, from unlocking and starting the vehicles up, through locating them and tracking their movement, down to communicating battery levels, fuel level and a number of kilometers moved for each vehicle.


collects, store and provide complete comprehensive information the vehicle tracking info: route history, vehicle status, alerts, as well as detailed reports based on activities related to user, driver, vehicle events. FMS data is transferred to the FMS’s servers from the FMS device through GSM then reflects information on digital maps where fleet manager can access it by the service website on the internet

App Interface

The Platform

Through smooth integration with a state-of-the-art onboard unit,     ongoing monitoring of vehicles allows optimum planning, deployment, and management of the fleet.
The platform of Car Sharing is designed to provide foundational features to easily manage the fleet by providing all important data about vehicles to the operator/admin, tracking, notifying the operator about the driver‘s violations and manage the car sharing’s pool.


One click to book a car, and start a trip, that helps you to drive whenever needed, within the Org’s business rules which make the car-sharing astonishing service through mobile app experience.



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