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AL-YAMAMA Company and MachinesTalk Sings a Memorandum of Understanding

Riyadh, August 24, 2022, MachinesTalk Co announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a joint cooperative framework with AL YAMAMA STEEL INDUSTRIES & ELECTROMECHANICAL FACTORY COMPANY BRANCH, one of the largest groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which were established in 1954 as a trading and contracting company.

The MoU incorporates the development of an integrated smart supply chain system to transport and collect waste, including smart compressors and smart containers, starting from the manufacturing process into operation. It is expected that these products and solutions will contribute in enabling digital transformation by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology and creating fully automated waste disposal processes which will help in reducing costs, increasing productivity, contributing to preserving the environment, and supporting decision-making processes.

Eng. Nawaf Alshalani, MachinesTalk CEO, stated after signing the MoU, “we are working with all relevant authorities and Al Yamama Factory to create innovative products for the Saudi market and form integration to enable digital transformation and smart cities solutions and applications.”

Eng. Anwar Othman, General Manager, stated, “We are pleased to cooperate with MachinesTalk, the leading Saudi company in IoT smart cities solutions, and work side by side to develop our Saudi products and advance them to the smart digitization stage which will contribute in better service for our customers.”

About Al Yamama Company

Al Yamama Group, one of the major groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1952 as a Contracting and Trading Company, and since then it executed hundreds of projects in operations & maintenance, contracting, landscaping, and irrigation as a strategy to confirm business diversity and sustainability. Al Yamama Co is committed to a high-level performance by providing first-class services within the framework of professionalism, teamwork, and a comprehensive approach to business.

About MachinesTalk

A national leading IoT-based solutions provider that is active for 10 years in the Saudi market. MachinesTalk products, platforms, and services will grant enterprises the necessary insight to maximize efficiency and reinforce scalability. Machinestalk ecosystem surely stands out in this fragmented, highly competitive, and rapidly changing yet promising market. It takes many players, like hardware providers, programmers, technical support, and customer service, to come up with a solid IoT solution. All our services and products are designed for customers’ convenience so that they do not have to deal with many suppliers to get the desired results. We provide interoperable, ready-to-go, and easy-to-use solutions that help articulate the needed insights for operational efficiency. Machinestalk’s values are based on high efficiency, customer-centric, and innovation in order to provide cutting-edge and advanced solutions.