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Energy Management

In the pre-IoT enabled era, Energy Management and Optimization relied on energy audits as the main component for a systematic approach to decision-making on pro active measures to be taken to identify and realize energy savings.

The primary function of an energy audit is to identify all of the energy streams in a facility in order to balance total energy input with energy use.

Objectives of energy managed Services:

  • To establish an energy consumption baseline
  • To quantify energy usage according to its discrete function
  • To benchmark with similar facilities under similar weather conditions
  • To identify existing energy cost reduction opportunities


  • Real-time consumption analysis
  • Quickly identification of saving accross facilities
  • Identify derivations from the identified energy baslines
  • Dynamic alerts on energy spikes
  • Efficiency and performance tracking

Facility Management

The IoT-enabled maintenance operations management platform is designed to automate the field service industry by providing technology-enabled business processes that aim to reduce the maintenance cost .

Using maintenance operations platform , organizations will be able to revolutionize assets views, detect deficiencies and dispatch the  reduce the maintenance cost and govern the Service Level agreements more effectively.


  • Real –time view of enterprise assets
  • Reduce the down-time
  • Maximize the asset utilization
  • Aided dispatching to the maintenance force
  • Portable Work Order in handheld devices
  • Automated Preventive maintenance activities
  • Identify performance deficiency factors
  • Contract management with KPI metrics to determine the overall operational efficiency across multiple contractors to record their performance and calculate violations accordingly

Security Management

Security Teams at facilities face daily challenges protecting employees, visitors, staff, and other assets.

In addition it provides extensive regulations and standards make the need to achieve compliance a significant factor for the performance of the organization.


  • Integrated CCTV , Access Gates,, Visitors, …etc
  • Control multiple security and building management systems
  • Prevent unauthorized access to secure areas
  • Enhanced tracking to increase regulatory compliance and reduce fines and theft
  • Maintain a secure environment inside and outside the facility 24/7
  • Creating an atmosphere of comfort and security for residents
  • Indoor Location for staff , visitors and crowed across multiple levels in the through a floor plan