Fleet Management Service can be applied in any method of transportation (movable assets) exists in the highly modern scalable world of today.
FMS provides a wide set of services that concern any fleet manager whether the fleet consists of cars, trucks, cargo containers or boats. By Using FMS, you will maximize day-to-day working efficiency, boost safety, optimize operations and reach an impressive level of operational cost.

Safe lease

On Spot Location

Be able to locate any asset in real-time.


Be able to remotely and safely turn off the vehicle.

Anti-Theft and Accident Detection

Be able to track the vehicle in case of theft or lost. Get notified in case of accident.

KSA Zone – Geofencing

Get notified if any of your assets reaches the borders of the Kingdom or main cities.

Safe Shuttle

Open API capabilities enable a seamless integration with school management systems offering a complete overview of schools transportation operations. machinestalk SafeSHUTTLE platform provides a safest and most efficient way to securely transport students.
The Platform engages with Parents through the mobile application designed to allow them to have a clear and real-time view of the trips that their beloved ones are on with instant notifications if something went off the plan.

Car Sharing

Car sharing Platform enables complete control of the fleet and a wide range of options to facilitate the users’ convenience.

All via one platform, from unlocking and starting the vehicles up, through locating them and tracking their movement, down to communicating battery levels and number of kilometers moved for each vehicle. Through smooth integration with a state of the art on board unit, this ongoing monitoring of vehicles allows optimum planning, deployment and management of your fleet. vehicles allows optimum planning, deployment and management of your fleet.

Waste management

Waste management is a completely automated platform to manage the waste collection processes and track the garbage transportations.

Transportation systems, smart infrastructures, intelligent operations and strategic asset management all contribute heavily to developing and operating smarter waste management alternatives, as well as cloud, analytics, mobile and social computing platforms.