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FleetTalk can be applied in any method of transportation (movable assets) that exists in the highly modern scalable world of today. 

FleetTalk services can be used to manage Cars, Trucks, Cargo & boats. By Using FleetTalk, you will maximize day-to-day working efficiency, boost safety, optimize operations and reach an impressive level of operational cost



FleetTalk Modules

Alert Management​

  • Escalation Engine will perform real time or scheduled delivery of SMS and E-mails to the user which contains system generated alarms or reports.
  • Event-based alert for speed violation, idling violation, Panic button emergency , etc…

User Management

  • User profile Role-based access rights
  • user privileges through the integration with the HR system
  • Standard profiles: [Corporate Admin,, Department Admin, etc…]
  • Level access rights manage which vehicle/ departments, the user can manage and get the Information 

Incident Management

  • Notification in a real-time process about any abnormal situation or motion detection
  • Provides the closest vehicle to incident’s location.
  • Respond quickly to emergencies through SOS button
  • Immediate notification will be sent if there is a loose connection or driver intended to remove the device from the vehicle.

Report Management

  • Provides range of reporting and analytics tool and enables to analyze fleet in details based in user-defined selection: vehicle performance, driver behavior/scoring, fuel consumption, event violation.

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