Oil and Gas

Helping oil & gas companies running smooth operations while maintaining the safety of the workers as well as efficiency and time effectiveness is what MachinesTalk promises to deliver. By working with leading companies in this field, we gained an insight that helped us develop the right products and services for this vital market.

Fuel / Gas Quality Controlling

Make Sure the Transported Fuel/Gas quality will stay within the standard (Prevent mixing, manipulation)

Theft Prevention

Make Sure the Transported Fuel/ Gas full quantity will be delivered to the client (Prevent stealing)

Real-Time Monitoring

Get the level readings of the Fuel/ Gas in all tanks and get notified if any sudden change happened

Stop out of Zone Alert

Get notified whenever the Tanker stopped out of the predefined station zones
Work Force Management: Manage the dispatching, distribution, and monitoring of all drivers

Order Management

Integrate to your Order management system/ supply chain management System