No one doubts that the role of Internet of Things in enhancing enterprises will keep escalating. In a way that will make it an essential part of any business. machinestalk full awareness of that fact reflected in the way we built our ecosystem.

machinestalk will help businesses making money in this field of highly advanced technology without the need of starting from  scratch or going through the hassle world of technology and computing. We are successfully building a complete and solid ecosystem that will relieve our customers from the suffer of dealing with the standards-lacking and fragmented regional IoT Market.

The business potentials of IoT are high and diverse. whether you are a network operator, Vertical solution Providers,  Edge Devices and sensors manufacturer or system interrogators, the list can go on and on. The ecosystem allows non-tech businesses to get a slice of the cake as well by filling in categories like billing, Delivery, and customer service. Businesses with wide or specific expertise will both benefit from our partnership program.

machinestalk partnership program promises a flexible and highly interoperabable methods to become a partner. All you need to do is to determine whether or not you want to establish a foundation for mutual revenue growth. If yes, why the wait? Contact us Today.

LoRa Alliance

Machinestalk is proudly a member of the LoRa Alliance, a group of more than 400 companies committed to driving and enhancing the LoRaWAN specification to ensure interoperability and scalability of LPWANs and IoT applications. Through its work with member companies and IoT industry groups, the LoRa Alliance is making LoRaWAN the standard for LPWANs focused on low-power, long-range IoT applications. To date, there are LoRaWAN public and private networks in more than 50 countries.

Long Range

Low Power


Low Cost

Open Standard