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smart city

smart city

The foundation that supported by Internet of things aims to develop urban areas socially, economically and governmental to provide smarter services for a smarter societies .

smart city benefits

The application of Internet of things technologies within cities helps to achieve many goals, the most important of which are:
– Instant communication with control rooms and operations.
– Linking information between the platform and multiple parties with real-time systems, data, and sensors.
– Achieving the highest safety and security standards
-Monitor energy consumption levels, pollution, and improve traffic

The employment of the Internet of things in any sector is a long-term investment that may, in the future, constitute the best tool for finding appropriate solutions for each city according to its actual needs.

MachinesTalk provides optimal IoT-based solutions to provide services to enterprises and establishments in addition to achieving a complete digital transformation developed by Saudi cadres and talents.


According to the 2022 Smart City Index, Singapore, Zurich, and Oslo were ranked as the world’s brightest cities.

Shanghai was named first among the world’s top smart cities by Juniper Research. Seoul moved up to No. 2, ahead of Barcelona, Beijing, and New York. The rankings were based on a number of smart city components, including connectivity, energy and lighting, municipal administration, and transportation and infrastructure.

Intelligent cities that incorporate digital technologies into their networks, services, and infrastructure are known as smart cities. It entails modernized water supply and waste disposal systems, as well as more effective building lighting and heating systems.

Yes – Smart cities are required.

The city’s efficiency can be the main goal of this approach. 2. Smart solutions – Smart cities are necessary because they will offer smart solutions like public data supply, electronic service delivery, complete water waste treatment, water quality monitoring, etc.

Our Products

Smart Parking

Identification , Access and use of sensing devices to determine occupancy & booking for both On-Street and Off-street parking Lots.


integrates with City security resources to ensure public safety and safeguarding the city resources to lower the crime rates.


360-degree environmental monitoring comprising Air-Quality, Weather, Disaster, Light, Noise and Public-hazard.

Waste Management

End to end automation for monitoring the clearing & solid waste activities.

Smart Lights

Make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability to save energy and reduce the burn Time.

Smart Community

Help municipalities and organizations quickly and cost-effectively support initiatives for managing roadways, utilities and transportation systems.


Track consumption and bill citizens and institutions accordingly integrated to Municipal ,AMRS.

Smart Traffic

Provide Informative safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of transport networks and control traffic systems.


fire systems

Connected CCTV

Smart Parking



Waste Management

Smart Lights

Smart Community

Energy management


Smart Traffic

Smart Parking

City accessibility in a time of continuous population growth. The platform fully manages identification of vehicles, access to the parking areas and apply enforcement.

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Smart Lighting

Measure levels of visible light in indoor and outdoor environments, allowing in this way, the optimization of luminaries use obtaining energy savings.

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LPWAN Infrastructure

Long range, low power radio frequency communication technology providing an Autonomous operation based on sensor,astrological calendar.

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Smart Waste

End to end automation for monitoring clearing & solid waste activities by transforming the ordinary waste containers to intelligent data driven ones.

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Smart Building

Facility Management

Empowers the existing building infrastructure with real-time data-driven intelligence bringing the criticality aspect of asset maintenance and efficiency aspect of energy management in one place.

Security Management

Collects, filters, correlates, and converts vast amounts of disparate data in real-time intomeaningful and actionable information for situation management.

Safety Management

Integrated end-to-end platform to improve people safety and environment.

Indoor Location Service

Integrated end-to-end platform to leverage real-time location information to provide awareness , assets.

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