Smart Industry Solutions – internet of things in saudi arabia

What is smart industry?

By leveraging digital technologies and sensor-based data, new capabilities emerge through advanced analytics, machine learning, and augmented and virtual reality.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or industry 4.0 is the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) which has an enormous impact on industrial operations and manufacturing.

Benefits of smart industries

Machinestalk wants to contribute to and profit from the industry’s use of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in saudi arabia in a number of ways, including:
1: Increasing output. Greater data access is made possible by intelligent manufacturing throughout the entire supply chain network.
2- Products of excellent quality and innovation. Increased productivity results in cost savings, which can be used to fund product development.


Fully integrated, cooperative manufacturing systems that react in real time to changing conditions and demands in the smart factory, the supply network, and customer needs are referred to as smart manufacturing.

Real-time data from sensors is used by intelligent industrial IoT systems to monitor and improve process efficiency, minimize human interaction, and save energy costs. The factory can make use of all the data collected to reduce downtime brought on by maintenance, the lack of certain assets, and a shortage of human resources.

A smart   factory known as a “smart factory” continuously gathers and shares data using networked equipment, machinery, and production systems. Then, decisions are made using this information to enhance procedures and deal with any potential problems.

Supply Chain

Gas Level Monitoring

Industrial Equipment Monitoring


Cold Chain


Operational Data Analytics

Control Systems Connectivity

Capture high-quality, high-fidelity data that is accurate and complete, no data is lost by high interval sampling.

Energy Management

 The focus is shifting away from a project based approach to energy management towards a system based approach to energy management

Operational Data Analytics

Move from reactive to proactive decision making with real-time access and visualization of data.

Supply Chain

Leverage IoT to automate the overall supply chain from production to distribution to Retail. Ensuring a real time monitoring of the product quality and quantit.

Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Based on our Heavy Equipment Solution, pre-installed with most of recognized heavy equipment vendors.

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