Smart City

Smart Metering Management

Automatically read consumptions, diagnostics, and status data from water or energy sources and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing.

Smart Lighting Management

Measure levels of visible light in indoor and outdoor environments, allowing in this way, the optimization of luminaries use obtaining energy savings and comfort in lighting.

Smart Environment Management

360-degree environmental monitoring comprising Air-Quality, Traffic, Weather, Disaster, Light, Noise and Public-hazard

Smart Parking Management

City accessibility in a time of continuous population growth.

The platform fully manages identification of vehicles, access to the parking areas and apply enforcement

LPWAN Infrastructure

Long range, low power radio frequency communication technology providing an Autonomous operation based on sensor, astrological calendar and predetermined schedules

Smart facilities

Monitor every aspect of the facilities  including assets, Access , HVAC, lighting, security, etc.

Smart Security Management

Integrated city Security management utilizing the resources  enabled to ensure public safety and track threats.

Smart Waste Management

End to end automation for monitoring clearing & solid waste activities by transforming the ordinary waste containers to intelligent data driven ones, providing a real-time interactive feeds