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Machinestalk platform is proudly the first fully developed Saudi Arabian IoT platform. Machinestalk platform is scalable, comprehensive and supports the Arabic language.

Machinestalk platform is the perfect companion for innovators in the world of IoT. It enables developers to create wide range of applications and solutions. Moreover, it also allows you to easily connect new devices to work in harmony as a one ideal product.

The cutting-edge results you will achieve by using the platform will get the customers the desired efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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ThingsTalk service 


ThingsTalk is a service based and integrable IoT engine designed to manage all IoT operations, use cases and services within a scalable and technology agnostic architecture. ThingsTalk is developed in Saudi Arabia to support the national IoT initiatives and facilitate the transition from legacy IT systems into Intelligence, real-time awareness and digital twin of the physical assets, people and processes. 

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Communicable, operable, and programmable across devices, regardlessoff make, model, manufacturer, industry or use case.

Rapid start for IoT use case

Customer can register and connect his devices in minutes with an easy-to-use control panel to set up rules, connect to key apps an realize thebenefits of IoT immediately.

Future Proof

Modular platform, can connect to any device and get telemetry, hostingagnostic and future-ready with interprise integration


Customer can Have his own Look Feel, Logo and Branding to reflect hisidentity

Distributed Architecture

The IoT Platform Provided should be elastic to shrink for one use case orscale up to unlimited use cases and modify the edge application on thefly.

Interactive Dashboards

Customer can utilize and customize his own dashboard and widget torepresent and visualize data effectively.

Enhanced Services

Maintenance Services