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Equipped with smart level sensors to automatically detect fill – level of the container, Smart wasteTM transform the ordinary waste containers to intelligent data driven ones , providing a real time interactive feeds land notifications.

An ultrasonic fill-level sensor device that securely monitors a container’s fill-level. It sends and receives information in real-time to management platform.


  • Reduce the Operational Cost
  • Long lasting Battery life
  • Level monitoring and calibrating
  • Ability to diagnose materials
  • Sense and diagnose

Solution Overview:

Waste Management Fleet tracking Tracks the collection and disposal of waste from residential/industrial ,area passing the transitional site , and till the landfill disposal sites.


  • Locate the fleet resources instantaneously on the map.
  • Define Roots and Geo Fences
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Readiness
  • Fleet Maintenance schedule
  • Notifications and Events
  • Analytics and Reporting